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Our Work

  • Fast delivery of high quality translations, in a style appropriate for your audience
  • Consistent translations and, when the language gets technical, no terminology overlaps or vague expressions
  • Back-up and query handling
  • Competitive rates

And of course a friendly service!

Clients span a wide spectrum, from multinational software corporations to private individuals. They include the public sector; educational institutions; banks; golf resorts and many more.


  • Michael was the official Scots Gaelic localizer for Opera Software AS for 6 years, dealing with the main browser product, the mobile browser Opera Mini, Opera Mail and various other ancillary products. He was fast, reliable and thorough, with a keen eye for detail. He also worked tirelessly to report issues and help developers improve support for linguistic issues faced by non-English languages. A truly valued member of our team.

    Sarah Lewandowski, Localization Director
  • Michael worked with CereProc to build a Gaelic-language text-to-speech voice for the Scottish Government. Throughout the project, Michael worked with a high degree of professionalism and made a major contribution to the project’s success. Through his broad experience in linguistics, localization, technology and Gaelic, Michael was quickly able to understand the technical requirements of building a synthesis voice and provided expert Gaelic knowledge, language resources and advice throughout the project. CereProc would be happy to work with Michael again on any future Gaelic-language projects.

    Graham Leary, Head of Professional Services
  • Michael was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful when we needed assistance coming up with a grammatically correct Gaelic house name and a Gaelic business name. He made several really insightful suggestions and we were able to settle on the names we needed quickly and easily. We’d certainly recommend him and will undoubtedly work with him again if the need should arise. Thank you, Michael, for providing us with such a professional and invaluable service, and for remaining available and cordial throughout!

    Jeanne and Joseph L
  • Michael was always my first choice when I needed any translations or requirements into Scottish Gaelic. Professional, responsive, dedicated, reliable, accurate and always on time, just what any PM would want! He would always go beyond and even point out things such as errors and inconsistencies in the source. That’s why he very quickly became our lead Scottish Gaelic linguist. I no longer work with this language combination but still miss working with Michael and would thoroughly recommend him and his services.

    María López, Senior Project Manager
  • I reached out to Michael with a very small, personal translation for an inscription on a piece of jewellery. He responded quickly and made sure that he would be able to provide the help I was looking for before he accepted the job. He made some great suggestions which resulted in a piece that felt very personalized and true to the language and culture.

    Keelan C


Akerbeltz offers a range of professional language services

Professional translation from and into Scottish Gaelic
Brochures, websites, letters… pretty much any form of the written word. This specifically includes Software Localization, which is a particular area of expertise offered by Akerbeltz.

Small Translations
Just have a sentence, motto or short passage you would like translated? Not a problem, the Small Translation Offer caters precisely for this kind of request and includes a translation, a transcription into the International Phonetic Alphabet, a transcription into a traditional font and a voice recording of your translation.

Have your translation checked for spelling errors, grammar or bad idiom.

Linguistic Consultancy
Pronunciation guides for dictionaries or phrasebooks, how to avoid common pitfalls in bilingual signage and packaging.

Pronunciation Training
Instruction in how to produce the sounds of Scottish Gaelic correctly. This can be on a 1-1 basis or in small groups. Ideal for groups or individuals learning Gaelic, choirs. If you prefer to study on your own, you may like to consider my book on this topic, the culmination of more than 15 years of work in this area.

Please remember, irrespective of whether you use Akerbeltz or some other professional translator, Google Translate is at best a tool that will translate the gist of something into another language. Whether destined for paper, cyberspace, a billboard or your skin, it does not produce reliable Scottish Gaelic translations


A respected language consultant who specialises in Scottish Gaelic translation, lexicography and teaching of high-quality pronunciation. Expert in Scottish Gaelic as used in ICT applications. Almost two decades of experience dealing with the technical to the mundane. Brings a broad perspective to translation that ensures coherence and consistency.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me, whether you would like to just make a preliminary enquiry or if you have an urgent job that needs done yesterday. I’m always happy to talk and we promise to do our best to accommodate your needs.

If you’re enquiring about a small translation (for example for a tattoo), it’s helpful if you include the word/phrase you would like translated.

Please note that this is not a free translation service. I have to pay my bills same as everyone else.

Also note that Scottish Gaelic is not the same language as Irish Gaelic or Manx Gaelic. I only work with Scottish Gaelic.

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